A new chapter in ammo history has begun

ATLANTIC MARKSMEN (AM) is a brand that stands for the merger between the technology of the most accurate and reliable precision shooting brand in the world, Lapua from Finland, and the game changing technology of the Georgia/USA and Spain based high tech ammo R&D and manufacturing company PolyCase.

PolyCase is applying a high tech manufacturing and material technology, very different from the traditional ammunition manufacturing: software controlled precision micro injection molding using specific metal-polymer matrices. This was successfully possible thanks to PolyCase´s decades of experience in the high end and high tech European automobile industry.

After years of RDT&E, brand development and process set-up, we are now going on the market through established industry channels.

Within our brand portfolio, the game changing product Atlantic Power ARX is the spearhead in a growing program of new technology based ammo products.

PolyCase´s ARX in the Atlantic Marksmen cartridges creates a well balanced rifle-like rotation and velocity effect in hand gun calibers, changing the performance, reliability and the scope of the end-use in the fields of handguns, SMGs and carbines.

With this Atlantic Power ARX, available in the calibers 9mm (Lapua-based) as well as 380, 40, 45 (cheaper versions with non-Lapua brass), by delivering rifle-type power and increased accuracy in pistol calibers, we are able to provide a new option for the following groups of end-users, who demand utmost quality, functionality and reliability:

  1. - Military and Law Enforcement operating in SWAT-type missions and specific other Special Operations (Urban Warfare, Silent Assaults);
  2. - Close Protection Professionals;
  3. - For military, law enforcement and civilian end-users as ammo for personal defense, open or concealed;
  4. - For hunters – and their secondary guns, as well as alternative option for the primary hunting gun;
  5. - For competition shooters, providing a new quality of accuracy.